Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh deary me!!

Hewoo one and all,
I'm just popping to say hi  and I am alive, sorry I've been catching up on my daily lives, in case you didn't hear I nearly lost my better half he was in hospital and we've had some close calls  before but this was the scariest and Col was so critically ill, but once the hardworking Drs hit the right button and found the problem (and this is normally found on autopsy ) his recovery was phenomenal. now Cols just got to replace the weight he lost and muscle strength etc and he will be so much better.

So what have I been doing of late well very little, but have finally picked up my needle and thread and will show very soon what I am working on. It's a block that I was making for a friend but I have struggled with this block, and why has it been so hard I just don't know but I am stitching on it again. Will scan it and you can see where I am at with this block.

Now the other thing I wanted to say was I have put my blog comments onto moderation. I really hate doing this but I refuse to people commenting and then leaving their web Addies or a promotion of some product that they feel needs to shown here sorry, it hurts even when the person leaves a really nice comment but then puts on the advertising etc, sorry not happening here and I really do hate doing this and I really hope that you will all forgive me doing this,

Love n hugs bear xoxoxo


shirley said...

sorry to hear your better half was so ill, but glad that he has made it through and is on the road to recovery.

piney cq said...

OH!!! I didn't know Bear!!! Gosh i'm glad he's on the mend!!! Take good care of you too through all this!! AND....no aplogies for putting comments on moderation!!! I had to early on due to spam....so i'm right there with ya!!

Faye said...

Belinda I so happy for you, that you're able to finally put needle to fabric. I know how good it feels, from after Ray's accident. Look forward to seeing what you're making... Hope Col is still improving too. xoxox