Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gathering blocks

Well its been such a long time since I did anything on my blog- unfortunately life has this habit of pushing its way in front of you and your best laid plans get messed up. Anyway I have begun my gathering blocks finally. I was supposed to attend The Gathering being held at Sandies' and Chris' home over the Easter long Weekend break but due to life-ie Dad and not being able to leave him at that stage - and other problems that came up I was unable to do so! In the planning stages it was decided that if we wanted to participate in making a CQ block for each of the attendees we could do so- So a lot of backwards and forwards - discussing all our likes and dislikes it was decided that this would go ahead- each of 12 people attending would do one CQ bblock for each of the other attendees- a smallish size of 6 inch square was decided upon and most of the ladies began to do their blocks straight away- except for Bear and a couple of others most had all 12 blocks completed and they were swapped at Sandies place that weekend- I have all but one of the blocks that were made for me and will over time upload them so all can see wot wonderful embroidery etc was done on these amazing blocks./

Anyway I have finished one and this one is for Maureen Bond - Maureen wanted her blocks to be in Creams etc so they could be added to her quilt she is making- well Maureen I hope you like this block- It certainly was a long way out of my comfort zone- one tone blocks are not my like but its come up a treat as you will see mostly its in creams and beige colours - the ribbons etc were dyed in tea the framing piece of Lace was dyed in a bath of Dilmah Rosehip and Hibiscus Infusion. - ie Tea- and the things done so came out this lovely pale shade of pinky beige its so pretty I may do some more in my dying days ahead. There is way more beading then I have ever done in my life and the spider web roses are made with 7mm ilk ribbon dyed by me in plain ordinary tea. Not my normal wider ribbons! all threads were either Rajmahal or various sizes of silk and rayon threads
Maureen I pray and hope you like this block.
much love n hugs to all especially my Maureen xoxoxoxoxoxox